"Parmy trained one of my clients who went on to have a very impressive season in 2008-2009. He was stronger, faster and had more endurance."

Steve Kasper
Former Boston Bruins Head Coach and player. Current NHL player agent and owner of Kasper Sports Management Inc.

"This summer I felt I needed to elevate my training regimen in order to prepare for the upcoming season and wanted to train more specifically for the game. I moved to Boston in order to train with Parmy based on a recommendation from another NHL player. I am now leaving in the best condition of my career. Parmy prepared me for the game of hockey and I have felt a dramatic impact from his techniques on the ice where it really matters. He truly is in a league of his own."

Nick Palmieri
- New Jersey Devils

"After training with Parmy I noticed a tremendous improvement in my quickness and power. His methods are truly world class."

Chris Bourque
- Washington Capitals

"I have trained with the best hockey trainers in both the NHL and Europe and Scott is the best I have seen. His hockey specific methods are innovative and directly relate to the game on the ice. He is truly a pioneer in his field."

Peter Ferraro
- New York Rangers
- Pittsburgh Penguins
- Boston Bruins
- Washington Capitals
- 94’ U.S. Olympic Team

"Since I started working out with Parmy I can feel a dramatic difference on the ice, my stride is much more powerful and effective."

Ben Guite
- Colorado Avalanche NHL

"I have had the good fortune to observe hockey specific strength and conditioning programs at every level up to and including the NHL. Scott Parmentier's program and facilities are arguably the best I have seen. Combine this with Scott's 'cutting edge' approach and his genuine unwavering passion for developing hockey athletes, and you are presented with the finest hockey specific training experience I know of. Scott is doing things at his facility that few others have even pondered. If you are truly serious about being the best hockey player possible, this is the guy you want to train with!"

Red Gendron

Red earned 3 Stanley Cup Rings as a former assistant coach of the NHL's New Jersey Devils, and a Collegiate National Championship as an assistant Coach with the University of Maine. He is the current assistant coach at UMass Amherst.